A Story within!

We have 24 hours in a day and if we exclude 8 hours of sleep every day, we have 16 hours of Social contact. It starts the moment you are awake and ends when you close your eyes in the night. In those 16 hours of social connection with people, on an average, every human comes in contact with 160 different people either through social media or personally/physically. Of course our interaction is limited to a few of these people. But, we are humans, we have this in-built quality to sense the mood of any random person. How? Through their behavior.

Out of 160 different people, some of them pass by as you look at them, some of them meet you, some of them remain with you for the entire day. Imagine, all of these 160 people have a story to tell, all have a story to share with their close ones, all have something to share to ease their minds, all have a story to tell to get guidance for future.

Now imagine, what if you have a story to share but out of 160 people, you have no one to share with? Every day you wake up and every day you have a story but after 16 hours you go back to sleep with your story still buried deep inside you, just because you don’t have anyone who will listen to your story. Claustrophobic?

It’s not that people don’t have anyone to share their story with but they are afraid to share their story and this could be because of so many reasons.

  • Introverts/Ambiverts/Extroverts: People may be any “-vert” but if they are not comfortable with sharing, they won’t, even the extroverts, I am not even talking about introverts.
  • They would have tried to share once or twice but if the other person is not willing to listen to them, then the hope of sharing becomes bleak and everything is swallowed within.
  • Generally, the people who show that they don’t need the comfort of sharing, need it at the most! These kind of people give small indications that they want to share, and the probability of the other person to know these indications is less than 0.1, you know the math!

I was reading an article the other day and the article was basically a comparison of the older times and the present time. The gist of that article was Sharing! A few days ago a friend of mine shared a link of a Wikipedia page ‘Existential Crisis’ with almost 10-12 people including myself whom he generally talks with regularly. Out of these only a couple of them responded. That was his way of sharing the problems. (Of course he shared the story with me later)


We are Humans and the only good attribute we can have is to be Humane! Only Humanity can save the Humans and right now it’s not a predominant feature of us. I understand we are so self-involved in ourselves that we don’t give much attention to others but that forces the others to not to share and that could be one of the reasons of his losing the mental battle within.

Everyone has a story to tell but everyone might not be blessed like you. Listen to them, hear their story. It doesn’t matter whether you give good advice or not, listening to people itself can solve half of their problems. Human mind is capable enough to look for the logic and solutions once the person explains their problems! Take out some time of your very ‘busy life’ and give those 5 minutes to someone who is in need and be the reason behind someone’s smile! You are Human by birth, try to be human by your work as well.

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