Are you happy?

Each and every day, every person you pass through, you ask them ‘how are they’? And 99% reciprocate with ‘I am good’ with a smile on their face. Every person you meet after a long time, you ask them ‘what’s happening in their life’ and the reply is generally positive. Is this the truth or it’s just an illusion that everyone carries with them?

Well, I am always fond of the question, ‘Are you happy?’ and I am more curious to know the answer of that. I doubt even 30% of the people you meet daily would agree to being happy! By being happy, I mean the happiness from inside, simply known as ‘Inner Peace’. But, why is that? Of course, if you google it, you will find an ocean of the causes and remedies.

I was just thinking the reason for people not being ‘happy’ is directly proportional to the progressive modern society and the pressure which brings with it. A person in general sets up a target or a goal to achieve, the target which he subconsciously receives from the society and by hook or crook, he pursues it. He thinks once he’ll achieve it, he will be ‘happy’, but little does he know that the target changes constantly and the chain goes on. Does he become happy after all? I doubt that.

I, for one, am doing good in life, of course, my targets changed from time to time and if I look back in last 10 years, I remember one of them was to start a blog. Having said that, it’s not bad to amend or modify targets with time, it’s really good that you are progressing!

We live in a world where we are so influenced from the society and the life of others that we tend to forget about ourselves and that’s where the problem starts! We look so far in the future that we forget about today, we are involved so much in other’s lives that we forget ours own. As a society, it’s phenomenal to see the pace of ours but as a person, we are moving so fast that our own image is completely distorted. We know less about ourselves, rather we want others to show us a mirror and that’s where the problem continues. In fact, because of the culture of this society, the common and most destroying problem of ‘Over-thinking’ is taking its place in all of us.

Couple of months back, I met a person and his simple mantra was – Every morning he had a simple target for the day which was ‘to be happy’  no matter how many trials and tribulations he went through. And again by being happy, I don’t mean to be like Joker. Even the most entertained and laughable people have a void hidden inside them which comes out only when they are alone because that’s when you realise about yourself.

This is not a self-help article and I am not aiming to write about that, because as mentioned before, even I don’t know the answer to that. But, all I know is, as fast as we are moving, everyone should take at least 5 minutes and find the answer to ‘Are you happy?’ and if it’s negative then do something about it because after all, you weigh more than the society!

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