Life is pretty simple, it’s just a Battlefield. I understand that as small as the word ‘Battlefield’ sounds, the meaning or implication of it is huge. But, not everyone of us is in the Battlefield.

The Battlefield of life is that place or situation where we are fighting, where we are exploring and finding ways to be above, where we are striving to be better-better in the areas where we are not!

Not everyone is in the Battlefield. We think we are, but in reality we are not. Most of us, including you and I make plans, but those are only plans, they are never executed! This is the harsh reality which we all are living. The reality which appears to us as a mirage that we are doing something, but we are not, we are definitely not!

Hence, we are not in the Battlefield, we are mere spectators who watch the people who are in the Battlefield, who are fighting with themselves and the others in order to achieve what they had dreamed off. They are an example to us, an inspiration, a role model. We want to be like them but are we? No, we are not! Because we just dream to be like them, we just dream! A long time ago, someone told me and I quote, “Follow your role model and work hard to be better than that person. You might be good but aim to be better, and when you will achieve that, you will already be the best. That’s when you will be a role model for someone else.”

Well, it’s not that we don’t want to be in the Battlefield, we surely do but we are never ready to be out of our comfort zone, are we? Yes, this comfort zone is the place where 99% of us are in and why won’t we? It is the safest, comfortable and coziest place to be in. Moreover, we don’t even have to put in any extra effort. In corporate terms, it’s like Work from Home except the Work.

The real question is whether we want to be in our comfort zone or whether we want to be in the Battlefield? All I know is that, everyone wants to be in the Battlefield but tend to enjoy the comfort zone more often. However, people also forget that if we survive the Battlefield, we will have more than the comfort zone, which is self-satisfaction zone.


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5 thoughts on “Battlefield!

  • This article beautifully depicts the situation most of us are in. Everyone wants the best but are not fighting enough for the same. We are so cozy in our comfort zone that we started confusing it with self-satisfaction.
    Interesting metaphor of comparing life to Battlefield and pretty hilarious analogy between comfort zone and Work from home.
    Reading it definitely pops up the question, “Am I a fighter or a mere spectator?”

  • This is the thing with our generation we dream big but hesitate to go out of the comfort zone and work for it. Thanks for giving another reason to introspect.

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