..because Your Life is Beautiful!!

It’s a fact that a Human is never satisfied with anything, literally anything. And when a person is not satisfied, how does he feel? Irritated, angry, impatient but more than that is the feeling of losing your self.

There are many of us in this World who might have thought at least once, ‘what am I doing?’ This same question is applicable in whatever you do, if you are in school, college, doing job or anything, once you would have thought of this question, ‘what am I doing?’

This post is not in reference to the unsatisfied humans, well, humans will never be satisfied, but this post is regarding something else, regarding your life-how beautiful it is.

Let’s have an exercise, shall we? (I was badly frustrated around an year back and my friend helped to understand everything through this exercise.) Please do it truthfully, it is for your own good.

To start with, if you are doing something else, then stop that and concentrate here. Take a notebook and a pen or else Microsoft Word serves the purpose of the same, and ‘Write 10 points which you feel happened with you for which you are grateful and happy.’ Come on, write these points and then read further….

Done? Kindly read them out loud or silently. While reading every point, remember those instances and memories associated with it. Aren’t you happy or grateful? Yes? I hope it brought a smile on your face. So, now next task, if you are frustrated or having problems in your life, then again take a notepad and a pen or open MS Word, and ‘Write 5 points which you feel are going bad for you right at this time.’ Now, don’t be a filmy hero and imagine, only write those points which are indeed going bad in your life.

Finished? Read them out, are these points really not going according to your planning or are against you? Sure? Read those 10 points again, yes those 10 points which made you happy. Now, read these 5 points again and ask yourself whether these 5 points can be solved from those 10 points? The answer should be Yes, because they can be, you know why? Because, your Life is Beautiful. You have 10 moments in your life which made and make you happy, you have 10 memories which you are grateful for, you have 10 instances where you felt, ‘I am so happy, my life is so great.’

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, today we are happy, tomorrow we might be sad, today we have lost, tomorrow we might win, today was the worst day, tomorrow might be the best day! No one knows that, no one will ever know that. Everyone of us knows that when there are dark clouds and it rains, there is always a beautiful Rainbow and a bright sunshine.

From the birth, we know that everyone has to die at a certain age. Some live out longer, some shorter, but if you don’t LIVE, then the number of years doesn’t matter! LIVING is more important than having a life. Why, just why do we think that life is useless, shit, problematic, boring et cetera-et cetera? Life is something which is an opportunity to live, it is an opportunity to be grateful for. You have LIFE, what else do you need?


If you would have written those 10 points, (Please do so if you haven’t, because they are really important), add one more point as ‘0th’ point: I have a life and I am LIVING it till I live. No one is there to judge you, don’t give anyone the rights of your life to judge you, because you are different, you speak differently, you behave differently, you smile differently, you laugh differently, you think differently, you are different and let me tell you one thing, it’s because Your Life is Beautiful!!

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