Saurabh Mathur is a Chemical Engineer by Education, Business Analyst by profession and an Author by passion. Saurabh belongs to a family consisting of civil servants, academicians, technocrats & defense personnel & also has rich literary lineage.

Although Saurabh is a Chemical engineer, he has equally deep interest in literary field also. Apart from writing novel and short stories, he blogs about different topics like Motivation, Inspiration and expresses his views on various aspects of life. The Blog ( already has more than 3000 page views & growing…

He is now operating his blog at

Saurabh is also a sports enthusiast and enjoys playing and following Football, Cricket, and Tennis besides being very fond of computer gaming.

Saurabh is interested in studying Human Behaviour and wishes to become a Motivational Speaker in future to bring a revolutionary change in the mind-set of the Indian youth as well as Adults.