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Here are the reviews of “The Secretive Six”

-> Book Geeks

The book was reviewed by famous Book Review site The reviewer, Sankalpita Singh in her review wrote, “The book was an interesting read with every chapter being a page turner. The twists and turns at the end of each leave the reader gasping for more.”

She has given “The Secretive Six” a whooping 4/5 star which is really brilliant. You can read the FULL REVIEW.

-> Dainik Jagran

The book was mentioned in the famous Hindi newspaper “Dainik Jagran” in the National Edition dated 20th September 2015. Here is the snapshot of the review and the link Book Review:


-> Bookmarkks

In the Book Review done by Bookmarkks, the Reviewer said: “The style is dry and pressing, the pace fast and engaging, and the plot doesn’t have any narrative flaw, as every clue, every detail is added on purpose to run the suspects, to create an idea and immediately destroy it coming to an end that gives an explanation for each question, making the impossible become possible and explainable.”


-> Read Addict

The number six has quite a lot to do in this gripping murder mystery titled, The Secretive SIX. Saurabh Mathur has penned a brilliant mystery here, which is sure to keep the readers on the edge of their seat. The Secretive SIX is an intelligent plot involving the lives of equally intelligent men, at the top of their professions in Delhi city.


-> Flipkart

The other major review of “The Secretive Six” is on e-commerce website Flipkart, here are the Book Reviews