Fight! That’s the only option.

What would you want to be when you will be 60 or 70 or 80? You will be either of these two: 1. Unsatisfied person, telling your grand-children what you wanted but couldn’t achieve, or 2. Satisfied person, telling your grand-children how did you achieve what you always wanted to. Of course, life is not that easy as I am putting it down on this post. It’s filled with roadblocks, trials & tribulations, problems et cetera, I can write a different post all-together on the problems faced, but not here!

Have you heard of Boman Irani? I guess, you would’ve and probably many would have heard about his story as well. He was a waiter before entering into the theatre and helped his mother to run a bakery shop. What made him to get into theatre and deliver an awesome performance in movies like Munnabhai M.B.B.S, Lage raho Munnabhai and so on? He had a fighting spirit which made him through all the difficulties. Many more artists and famous people are present in our country and in the world who are self-made, who fought their way to the top.

Yes, the topic is pretty mundane and everyone knows that we have to fight to achieve something, bla bla bla, but does this get inside you? Probably yes, but for a day, maybe a week and if everything goes well then for a month, what after that? You will read another post like this and the process will continue for one more month.

I am not only addressing to the people who are young, it’s addressed to each and everyone. There is nothing worse than holding something inside in your entire life. If you want something, if you wish to do something, then go and do it, why do you event think and wait? Day dreaming is good for a certain limit, but not for entire time. If you have a dream, take a step forward and work for it. Clearly, I am not asking you to leave everything, your job, your home and fight. No! Fight for what do you want to achieve, keeping in mind the people with whom you are attached and the security as well as back-up plan.

There are many people who left their jobs and home and went on to do something what they always wanted to do, are you one of them? Don’t be foolish and say yes, just because you are pumped up! There are people who are attached to you who even might be dependent on you and if you go on to pursue something and you fail, you will be responsible for these people.

Life is indeed short, today you are reading this, tomorrow you might not be able to! There is nothing to stop you if you have the will power and the fighting spirit inside you. When you will take a different route, you will face rejections, you will face hurdles, you will be frustrated, you would want to quit, you would want to run away, you might even be physically and mentally tortured, believe me, that’s just the initial part! If you won’t face all this, man, when you will achieve something, you won’t be 100% satisfied, you will be only 70-80%! So, when you will be completely exhausted, don’t take a U-turn, just stop there, look around and see how far have you got, think how many people’s eyes are on you, how many have told you, “Dude, why are you doing this?”, imagine where do you want to be, and then rise and fight again. Taking a break or stop or even waiting is better than taking a different route. Fighting is the only option we have to move further, we fight each and everyday for the smallest of things. When you drive, you want to move first rather giving space to the other car, when you are studying or working, you want to fight to be at the top, then why don’t you fight when it comes to fulfilling your dream?

Again, I am not emphasizing on taking a vigorous step, plan first, analyse then and work for it after that. You know the biggest problem which everyone faces is not that how they will do it, it is the fear of what everyone will say or how they would start. Trust me, as I mentioned before, first each and everyone will say, “Dude, why are you doing this?”, only a few will support you, only a few, but as you will progress towards your destination, crossing all the boundaries, everyone will ask, “Dude, how did you do this?”

To sum up, we are fighting from the start, even for our existence, so why don’t we fight for the dreams and aspirations we have? Just take one step forward at a time, buckle-up, prepare and fight to achieve what you want to achieve. Life is pretty short and obviously uncertain, as long as you are living, make it worth it. At the end, don’t be the person who is unsatisfied with his life. Be a satisfied one!

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