I had a Dream

Well, this will be my first post after becoming an Author. Today, I will share my story but at the same time, I don’t want to bore you, I want to inspire you! The post will be long, but I will try to keep it entertaining.

It was year 2012, I was in 2nd year and there were two groups of students. One, who were a part of any club and actively participated in all the activities and the Other, who were not involved in any club and each day, would go to class, roam in the college and come back to the hostel room. I was the Other one!. Of course, peer pressure hit me and I gave interviews for 4-5 clubs, but got rejected in every one of them.

That was the time when I thought, ‘Am I really not capable of anything?’ These kinds of thoughts roamed around in my mind and I was restless and helpless. By that time, it was almost 7-8 months, since I started writing. So, I went for the selection process of ‘Yearbook of VIT.’ I was more than confident that I will be selected. The test went fine but the result was not, Rejected again!!

Recluse? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. Desperate? Yes. Yes, I wanted to be in a club but after the Yearbook selection process, I thought, screw it! I started writing my own blog, found content writing internships and did those. After the 3rd semester got over, I was happily writing my blog and doing virtual internship of content writing. I even wrote a couple of short-stories which I found average after reading them. I was doing good and then I heard about Nikhil Chandwani, same batch and the guy’s Novel was published, Incredible! As a budding writer, I wasn’t jealous, I was motivated from him and straight away, I contacted him on Facebook, why? Because I was too shy and introvert to talk directly. Anyways, I asked if I recall correctly, “I am also a budding author, can you tell me whom did you contact for the publishing?” Good question, right? No! I haven’t even thought of the Novel back then.

But, that question gave me a boost and I converted my first short story into the Novel. I started writing “6 degrees”, yes that was the title of the book back then, and I quickly finished first two chapters of the book. Ecstatic and energetic, I asked my very good friend, Akshay to review it as he was the one who read Novels. After a couple of days he said, “I will be blunt. It’s looking like a typical CID episode.” Have you ever felt when all the positive energy gets drained at once? If yes, then I felt the same. I did what every other person would have done, watched ‘The Social Network’, ‘Inception’, ‘Shutter Island’, ‘Memento’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Suits’ etc etc etc! I remember I finished two seasons of Game of Thrones in 36 hours!

The 2nd year was over and I just wrote those two chapters five times and after writing every time, I used to delete the file. I entered 3rd year and it was the time when every person decides what he has to do after college, either a job or higher studies, any 3rd option is pretty rare. My friends joined TIME coaching, some started for GRE, Gate, GMAT, some started collecting information regarding the placements and there I was sitting on my upper bunker bed, ‘What should I do? Should I prepare for CAT or should I prepare for GATE? I should prepare for both’ and I bought both the books. It was actually very normal for a student who is confused for his future.

PS: I didn’t even open GATE’s book and the the aptitude book was opened in 4th year when I was rejected by almost all the companies.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, I was a little introvert and hence, I was excellent in motivating myself by imagining things and making stories and fictional characters. One of the characters I made and I even mentioned him in my next blog back then, “Source of Motivation”. This is what I wrote about this fictional character:

‘Whenever all the wrong thoughts cross my mind, whenever I become a pessimist, whenever I’m out of the ideas and ready to quit, I imagine my mother weeping for me, I imagine my brother patting me, I imagine my father hugging me and I imagine my good friends rising me up. Yes, I do, I think of the day when my novel will be published and the time, when my mother would cry in joy, when my father would be proud of me, when my brother would proudly say to his friends about me.
Moreover, I day dream that I’ll be invited to some institution as a key Motivational Speaker and being nostalgic at that moment and explain my story to the youngsters who would be in a desperate need to be motivated. I’ll explain them the value of being rich from the rags, to be something different from the bunch of similar people, to rise up from the grave and to be a personality. I day dream the time when I’ll be famous, when very other person would be running to get an autograph, to get a glimpse and that is success.
Well, all these dreaming keep me unabated and unfazed from anything, take it bullying, the peer pressure, pessimism or anything, I certainly don’t feel aback from these little pity things, just because I see the smiling faces of my close people, how proud they would be if I achieve my goal. I consider only two options for any problem in my life, 1. Success and 2. Try Again.’

Now, can you imagine, how good I am in creating stories? All these imagination and creativeness planted an idea in my mind and that made the way to create a thrilling, exciting and entertaining story, “The Secretive Six.” Okay, no promotions now!

So, with that I started writing again, made the back of the door into a white board and wrote the outlines over there. My roommates were pretty supporting as well, they never erased the outline 😀 The book was going at a good speed and I set the target of completing it by the end of 5th semester. Again, that didn’t happen. Deadlines made by you is just for fooling yourself. The 6th semester started and my CGPA was constantly falling from 2nd semester. My parents were furious because of this writing stuff and like every other parents, they asked me to concentrate on studies and get a good job. They were, actually are very cooperative but always advised me to keep the writing as a hobby which could be done in weekends.

Some of my friends always motivated me and a few of them never said a word for the same. But, there were many who always asked me about the status of the Novel and I really want to thank each and everyone of them. One simple line, “Bhai, how is the book going on?” was enough to give a lot of positive energy. I finished writing the book in the 6th semester. Success, right? The struggle had just started.

4th year started and so were the placements. Again, the pressure was pretty high because I had to get a job anyhow. Why? I had-have an education loan and it was-is my duty to clear the loan and for that I had to do the job. Companies came and gone but I was not able to clear a single written exam. My friends were getting placed and I was facing rejections. Meanwhile, I sent the synopsis and two sample chapters of the book to various publishing houses and the only reply was, ‘Best of luck for your book, but we won’t be able to publish your book *Insert any typical reason*.’ By the end of the 7th semester, I didn’t clear any written exam of a company and none of the publisher even short-listed the book. Total rejections till then were roughly around 9 from companies and 15 from publishers, with adding on, my CGPA decreased drastically to 7 point something, that was pretty low for my parents.

When the rejections come in your life, trust me, they are pretty normal, you tend to be separated from the group and probably wind up watching movies all the time or doing all the thinking about the existence of life! The same was happening to me as I managed to watch all the pending movies, though I still have doubts about the existence. I would have continued to do the same if my friend Tanu wouldn’t have rescued me from the dark world. The support which I received was enough for me to climb back to brighter world. As the 8th semester started, I found Leadstart Publishers and they agreed to publish my book whereas I was finally able to crack written tests and even group discussion but not the interviews, but something was better than nothing.

I always though of getting the book published while I was in the college but that wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t get a job in the company which I once hoped for, but yes I have a job and I joined that company. My first Novel is now published in August and it is available on various e-commerce websites including, Flipkart and Amazon. The book is also available in USA and UK, making it International, I believe that’s quite an achievement.

I don’t know whether my book will be successful or not, whether people will recognize me or not, whether people will even like the book or not, but I had a dream, I had a dream to do something different, I had a dream to take a different road and I lived the dream, I made the dream into reality.

When you have a dream, go for it, there will be times when you would want to leave everything and get back on that queue where everyone is standing, just DON’T! There was a reason why you took a different road, continue on it. If you really want to achieve something, you will have to fight all the obstacles and problems. Today, I look back and I remember that I was the one who wrote a letter as of a 6th class student when I was in 12th class! I was the one who couldn’t speak more than two lines in English at once. I was the one whose vocabulary was very poor. But, I fought all the obstacles. Today I look back and I remember, I was the one who had a dream of writing a Novel. I am a story-teller and I will continue doing it because I know I love it and I will do what I love!

Life will not give you what you want, you have to fight for it every day and every time. You should remember only one thing, do what you love to do. Everyone has a talent in themselves, bring out that talent and work for it, fight for it and conquer it.

PS: Thanks to my Parents and Brother for their endless support. This Novel is only possible because of them!

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