When I was born, they were happy. I was crying, but they were happy.

When I was six, I demanded for toys, for that I cried but they were happy. They got me the toys and still they were happy.

When I was fifteen, I wanted a lot of things, for that I cried, I was hurtful, said a lot of things because I wanted those things. They managed to get me everything, I became happy and to see me happy, they were happy.

When I was seventeen, I wanted to go to college far far away, I was happy but they were sad. They said Yes, covering their sadness with a smile on their face, I was happy but they were sad.

I was away for four years, I was away, I was happy but they were sad. When I came home in holidays, I was still happy but they were more happy than I could ever be happy.

When I got a job far away, I was happy, though they were happy but they wanted to be with me.

When I was married, they were really happy and I was happy but still I was away.

When they had their grand-children, they were happy, I was happy but they were more than I could ever be happy. I was away, they wanted to see their grand-children,¬†they were sad and I couldn’t help.

As their age increased, they were sad, they wanted me to be happy, I was happy, but they were sad, they wanted to be with me.

As the time passed and they were no more, I am sad and I might always be sad. I will regret and I will be sad and seeing me from above, they will be more sad than I could ever be!

It is the harsh reality which happens everywhere. Parents-Father and Mother are those two people which will be happy even if it’s against their will but they see you happy! Speaking from my experience, whatever I demanded, I got it and I am extremely thankful to my parents.

There is a possibility that you might be away now from your parents for trying to get hold of a job but once you settle down, bring in your parents with you. They might not say to you directly, but obviously they expect you to live with them. Life is so short that today you might be happy in your own world but tomorrow that little world of yours might be destroyed and you would regret your entire life of the things you didn’t do and the things you took way lightly.

This is for all the people who are reading this, love your parents, respect them but most importantly be with them! They wouldn’t have left you when you were helpless, why do you leave them when they are? It’s not about giving them the love and care back which they gave you when you were young, it’s about keeping the love and care intact. It’s the cycle of life, get care and give care!

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