Passion-ate Love!

Remember the childhood days when we wanted to become Doctor/Pilot/Cricketer/Actor/Dancer/Writer? Remember the time when we were confident of our future, confident of becoming something? Remember the time when we used to imitate our role models? If I look back at my childhood days, I can go back to the day when I was adamant to join the Airforce. Where am I today? Where are we today? What are we doing? When did our dreams become the forgotten dreams? Why didn’t we manage to convert our dreams into reality? We grew up with our dreams lost somewhere in our subconscious mind!

What are we now? We are slaves. We all are slaves of one single entity, i.e., MONEY! I agree, we can’t survive without it. I agree, Money is an integral part of our life to fulfil our day to day activities. But, directly or indirectly, we all have to agree that Money killed our childhood passion!

We had a passion before and we ate it in the process of becoming an adult, of becoming something which back then we didn’t want to become! Are we going to remain the same? Are we going to remain slaves? Yes, we will remain slaves. Less than 1% of the people you know might be able to abolish the slavery but let’s remain in the real world, we will always be the slaves!

Does that mean we killed our passion? Of course not! We are passionate Human Beings. As we grew up, our passions changed. There is a possibility that you wanted to become a Doctor in childhood, and now you are working in an MNC but while you grew up, your passion changed and now you want to run various Marathons. That’s passion right there!


There are a very few lucky people who earn money through their passion. That doesn’t mean, we should stop doing what gives us happiness! A few weeks back one person asked me about my second book. Like always, I told him it’s difficult to get time to write after graduating from college because of the job. His response still echoes my ears, “Always have time for your passion because in today’s world, that’s the only thing which will give you happiness. Spare at least 10-15 minutes daily and go to your passionate happy world.”

Passion doesn’t mean an out of the box trait which you have. Passion is something which you love to do and you would do without any hesitation. If you think twice before doing it, dude, that’s not your passion then! For example, if you wake up at 5 in the morning, what do you do? I will go back to sleep. A friend of mine went running for 30 kms instead! That’s his passion for running. Another friend of mine is passionate about building up his own business. He has failed many times but did that stop him? No! That’s passion.

Passion is not something which you are good at.

Don’t confuse Passion with Talent.

Passion is something which gives you the feel of Parallel Universe. A place where you love to be, where you want to be.

Gardening, reading, playing and more-if any of this gives you happiness, then that’s your passion! If you are good at it, then it’s your talent and if you earn through your passion then my friend, you are already satisfied and successful in life.

Not only your passion provides you peace but also keeps you away from the vicious circle of life. More importantly, it keeps you away from Over-thinking, anxiety and depression. Your passion acts as an anti-psycho of yourself, it keeps you sane. This passion of yours brings balance to your life.

It’s important to have a Passionate life. It’s important to love your Passion!

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