Take Tension! It’s really good for you

Do you know Tension is the backbone of many problems of this world? Yes, Anxiety, depression and much more are caused by taking too much of Tension. Many teenagers start smoking and drinking because of three reasons: 1. They think they are cool, 2: Peer Pressure and 3: They think they are the only one who have a lot of workload. But, what’s the not discussed reason for the 3rd point? That’s tension. In college, I witnessed many of the students who started smoking and drinking just because apparently they had a lot of workload and tension and obviously they were over-thinking in excess!

But hey, Tension is not bad, it’s really great! Don’t believe me? You will miss out of most beautiful things of life if you won’t take tension! If you won’t overthink and won’t take tension, you won’t be able to see psychiatrist and spend thousands of rupees on sessions to listen that it’s not good for you to overthink. Can you imagine how dull your life will become if you won’t miss your food and you won’t detach from your best friends just because you can’t take tension. Pity on you that you won’t be able to take medication for your entire life. Oh, I forgot, you would never be able to always cry in-front of anyone and everyone.

Tension is the root cause of many suicides. While I am writing this post, there is a possibility that many people around the world would have attempted to suicide and one or two might have even succeeded. Won’t you be sad that you won’t get a chance to suicide just because you don’t take tension? Moving on, do you know hyper-tension increases the blood pressure of your body and that increases the chances of getting heart-attack? Not only heart-attack, I searched on google, and there are much more effects like, it could weaken you brain’s blood vessels, causing them to rupture or leak and you can easily get a stroke. Isn’t it wonderful that by just taking hyper-tension, you can land yourself so many opportunities to beat yourself? Just imagine, you will miss out on so many things just because you don’t take tension. Why are you even reading now? Go and take as much as tension you want.

On a very serious note, Tension and over-thinking won’t provide you an ocean of opportunities to live life wonderfully but instead, these will decrease your age, affect your family, friends and the people who are attached to you. You will start taking medications for your entire life, you will worry unnecessarily and cause others to worry for you. If your over-thinking will continue, a day won’t be far when you would have to visit Mental Asylum and might even have to stay there.

As the world is progressing in every field, Tension and over-thinking is also increasing. It’s not that only a selected bunch of people over-think and not others, every person alive takes tension but the difference is the limit of taking it. A survey reported that there is a significant increase in people who consult doctors for hyper-tension and over-thinking, there is a rise in number of heart-attacks and there is an increase in number of suicides.

Is taking tension useful? No, it’s not! Tension is nothing but a slow poison. But fortunately, you have the antidote for the poison, you have the capability to remove the poison from yourself. It’s up to you, whether you want to life a happy life and help others to live a happy life OR suffer throughout your life, affecting others as well. Taking tension is fine, taking hyper-tension is a strict NO-NO! Divert yourself, find different escape routes which would make you happy and satisfied. It’s entirely up to you how you want to live your life. Believe yourself! Any problem is not permanent, everything is temporary. Let the bad time pass, there is always light on the other side.

Take Tension! It’s really good for you!

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