The Secretive Six


“The Secretive Six” Novel is a fiction and lies in the genre of Crime Thriller. Saurabh first wrote a short story titled, “6 Degrees” in Nov’2012 which he then transformed into the Novel “The Secretive Six”. He started writing the Novel in Mar’2013 and finished it around Sep’14. The first round of editing of the book was done by his sister Ananya Mathur.

In Dec’14, Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd accepted to publish the book under their name. The book will be available on both, bookstores and online markets like Flipkart, Amazon et cetera.

Synopsis of the book

Kartik Mathur, the CBI agent is out to investigate the apparently natural death, of an IIT professor, Akhil Kumar,  who died in his sleep due to a heart-attack, which his boss and CBI Director, Bhushan Kumar claimed to be a murder.

The twist in the tale, ‘The Secretive Six’ comes, when an uncooked theory of Bhushan Kumar, becomes a reality.

Did Akhil Kumar actually die of heart-attack or was he murdered?

Connecting the link that started six years earlier and solving the case further, along with his very capable team, Kartik comes across very disturbing facts.

Who is the killer? What is the reason behind the well planned murder?

Would there be more murders to come?

The story takes you for a three-day roller coaster ride that is most heart rendering. It throws light on the evils that our society faces today.

The end is astonishing and will leave you speechless.

Key Characters of the Book

Kartik Mathur

Dr. Sonali


Harsh Sinha

Sanjana Sharma

Other Characters of the Book



Bhushan Singh

Akshay Pant

Erik Joseph

Devansh Sahay