The Unsatisfied Human Being

What is satisfaction? How do you measure satisfaction? Are you satisfied with yourself? Are you satisfied with the people around you? Are you satisfied with this life? Are you satisfied with the work you are doing? Are you satisfied by anything?

I was wondering while returning from the office the same above questions and to be very frank, I had only one answer, ‘I am not satisfied with anything.’ I am not sure if you have ever thought of this topic or not, and I am also not sure if you find this topic completely absurd or completely correct, but believe it or not, Human Being is never satisfied with anything, he always wants more.

Don’t believe me? The festival of Diwali just passed, how many sweets did you have? Don’t tell me only 1! Didn’t you want more, or say, didn’t you have more? Well, Satisfaction doesn’t have any unit of measurement. Let’s talk about money, some people believe that if they will get a little more of what they are earning, they will be satisfied. Are you really sure of this? If you are earning 30k per month and you think, 40k would have been better, then please talk to me when you will be earning 40k, because at that time, you would be wanting 50k. Why? Because, a Human Being is never satisfied with what he gets.

This wanting of ‘more’ attitude doesn’t mean that you are greedy or selfish or some other fancy words, no, you are absolutely not. I think that, if you are unsatisfied with the things you have, then that’s the biggest driving force you have got. Why would you work if you will be satisfied with the life you have? And if you won’t work, how will you achieve what you want to achieve?

I always dreamt of having my Novel published, now when it has, should I stop, should I be satisfied with this? I should be logically satisfied, but now I have other aims and goals which I want to achieve and in turn I am unsatisfied again. This is not at all greediness, I am really thankful to everyone who helped me to achieve this feat but when I know and realize that if I can achieve this, why can’t I achieve more? And that’s the source of motivation or the driving force behind me and everyone else.

Of course, I would want to repeat the same old sentences which I usually do in my every other blog, that Life is short and etc etc etc, but one thing is more than certain that Human Beings were, are and will always be unsatisfied with whatever they have. I believe, a person can’t get any better motivation than being unsatisfied, because that’s the most powerful force which helps him to get up and go after his dream or aim. After all, it’s truly said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

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