World as we don’t know it!

Do you read newspaper, even online will count? Out of 10 news, how many do you read of positiveness? One, two or none? I usually read the headlines in the morning over phone and frankly I don’t find any news of positiveness. Lynching, terror attacks, rape, Hindu-Muslim problems, refugee crisis, poverty, pollution etc etc etc, these are the most common headlines, oh and of course politics!

Imagine if this continues, how long will it take for the Earth to finish up? Not that long, I believe. The major problem and the only problem with every individual is that “He/She is never wrong.” Take example of ISIS, they claim they are not wrong and whatever they do is absolutely right! Bravo, thumbs up! The world knows India-Pakistan problems, but it is actually Hindu-Muslim problems. As I mentioned, they claim they are absolutely right but they don’t know that they are not even 1% right.

It’s not that everything is happening in this 21st century, no, the same pattern of events have happened before and are happening from many many centuries. But, as long as we are not involved in the crisis, it’s not our responsibility, that’s the mindset of every individual in every country, at some level even mine. I asked my friend about this refugee crisis and his response was, “Who cares, we are already occupied with our problems.” Is that true? Yes, we are occupied with our own problems, but shouldn’t we care? We should definitely care about it.

We talk about decreasing the pollution, advancement in technology, saving the planet Earth, globalization. Do we talk about Humanity? Do we talk about Peace? Yes, we do, everyone likes to watch videos related to Humanity on Facebook and Youtube, everyone wants to live peacefully but in reality we do otherwise. I know a person who lives in my locality and daily he shares photos and videos on Facebook related to Humanity, certainly the videos are great and I do get emotional many times. Is he the same in reality? No! A couple of days back, in the market, he was abusing an poor old man just because the old man couldn’t balance his cycle and he eventually fell with the cycle and the handle of it touched this guy’s leg. It might have hurt, it might not, but clearly, that old man was weak and poor, he didn’t ask for anything and as soon as he fell down, he got up and joined his hands and said sorry. Was there a need to abuse? No! I don’t think so. But, that guy abused the old man which is the reality and it’s way different than the virtual world where we are nice, kind and filled with emotions.

We are divided by countries, by religion, by caste and much more but we forget that our mentality is the same, our habits are the same, what we do is the same, what we want is the same. Some people believe in God, some don’t, there is always a controversy for this topic. But, here is the theory which just came to my mind: “What if many many years ago, some people or say power (Topic of debate) would have known that there will be wars, fights, riots on the basis of religion in the future? They created an environment where people started to believe in God in spite of different religions, but each and every religion would have preached the same. Yes, in fact, every religion in a way talks about the same thing. These people would have thought that at least, they could be united by the values every religion teaches. What if the God is just the key of uniting everyone and believing in Humanity?”

To be frank, I always have doubts over life, death and the world we live in. But, the arguable reality is that we live in a world where there are billions of people spread across more than 190 countries. There are different people with different beliefs, different ideas and different mindsets. But, one thing which is common is the love, affection and care which is known as Humanity. Humanity is the biggest asset of this World which can indeed make this life peaceful for everyone. I am not going to give solutions on how to live or how to help, because deep inside we know the solution, because after all, we are Humans!

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