You can’t stand alone and fight!

What was the outcome of World War II? Germany under Hitler started the war but ended losing it against the Allies. Have you ever saw one person outnumbering hundreds of people in a fight? (I am not talking about a movie scene, anything can happen there) Alone, you can fight, might even stand a chance for a bit but at the end, you will definitely lose. Hence, there is a need of team-work, no, I am not going to talk about team-work further.

As you would be knowing, my Novel is published and it is available in the market. Did I stand alone and made this possible? The answer is No! I am the Author of the book but I didn’t do it alone. There were many people who stood with me, supported me, criticized me and blessed me. I wasn’t even able to develop the story if I wouldn’t have got constant support from my family and my friends. In my last blog, I mentioned that I deleted the starting chapters almost 5-6 times. So, what made me to finish the Novel, contact publishers and get it published? I didn’t stand Alone, I was accompanied with many in this fight.

Leave me, take example of anything, say your exams. Did you pass your 12th Boards? Did you do it alone? If you think, you did it alone, then you are absolutely wrong. Your parents paid for your tuition and school fess, your friends helped you in solving your doubts, your teachers guided you every time, so that you could score great marks in your 12th boards. You didn’t stand alone in the fight, everyone was there with you! Think for a moment about anything which you achieved and then think if you did it alone? There would be many people in the process for your achievement, you didn’t do it alone.

Now, when I have to do the marketing of the book, will I be able to do it on my own? To be very frank, I believed that I can easily do it on my own because I have written the book, it’s my story and I was able to get the book published. But, the reality is I don’t even stand a chance of marketing the book on my own. I was ecstatic to get the sales report of the book and in excitement, I expected a phenomenal sales figure like that of a Jeffrey Archer’s one. The sales figure is great till now, it’s actually tough to believe that the sales are going too good though I expected greatest in excitement. The thought which wandered in my mind was, ‘At least I am an author.’ Just like others, I was confused, maybe I want things to go pretty fast but, I simply forgot that the book is available in the market from last 15 days only and in such short time, the book sales are really amazing!! Anyhow, the same day, my father messaged me the same message which he was sending to his colleagues and friends. The message had details of the book and the links to order online. The same thing happened the next with my mother joining him, the next day my brother joined my parents and yesterday, my friend Tanu started marketing my book with full force. I didn’t ask anyone of them to do the same. Why? Because I thought I can do the marketing on my own. I was wrong!

This is not MY book, this is OUR book. I agree I wrote it, I agree it’s my story but I also agree that if I would have doing everything all alone, I might not have even finished the Novel by now.

The same scenario is with Life. Life is an ongoing fight against everything which surrounds you, even yourself and if you are fighting with it alone, then my friend, your thinking is on the wrong path. You are not fighting it on your own, there are many people directly or indirectly linked with you who are fighting with you for you. Some are appreciating you and some are criticizing you, but believe me, both are necessary and fruitful in their own way.

So, if you think you could achieve something or have achieved something on your own, then think again, because you can’t stand alone and fight!

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